30 days in the desert

3 years ago I was an alcoholic in the thralls of addiction and depression! For 30 days I share my story of how I got out of it’s grip.

What does it mean to suffer from Depression. With the recent surge of teen suicides and the tons of celebrity omissions about Mental health dis-EASE.

I thought I'd share what that really looks and sounds like. Because left untreated mental health dis-EASE. Always leads to death

So lately I've been doing this really weird thing. "Actually Listening" Meaning I listened with the sole purpose of driving home, my reply. Sound like you??

Well give me 10 minutes to share a story that will certainly; make it hard to " LISTEN WITHOUT JUDGEMENT"

Pattern by definition: a form or model proposed for imitation. So how can we apply this to, our everyday life. I think your patterns formulate your Path. And by forging the right patterns we can literally design our destiny. Please tune in!!

So today I'm going to share, what a "Breakdown" is. This is important because 7 out of 10 adults suffer from Depression. Depression which goes untreated often leads to severe drug abuse or worse.. SUICIDE.

So please turn in with me as I share what a "breakdown" is and what you can do to prevent your own.

I've been away for awhile, but today's episode will definitely be worth the wait. Today I want to ask you a question.

Why are relationships difficult you ask. A question that's as abstract as the definition. In my next episode I talk about the struggles I've had in my relationships; to help you identify the problems of your own.

And I share some big news coming soon. Please tune in.


2020 a year that No one in History will forget. But as aptly as the title of the year 2020 gives us exactly that, vision. So in my 1st podcast of the year hear I break the silence about the heartbreak 💔 I see. You won't want to miss it..

2020 has been nothing sort of devastating. But there's always a silver lining, because there are some things " money can't buy"

So please join me for the final episode of 2020 you won't want to miss it. Special thanks to IconMeals, Kindred capsules, Neurohacker Collective.

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